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Clean, Safe,Sterile.

Above all, professional


If you have an idea for a piercing, why no come in to the studio and see if it's possible.

Please remember, not everyone is anatomically able to get some piercings.

Don't be afraid to come in and ask questions.

I'm more than happy to answer them if I can.


It's perfectly normal to be nervous and inquisitive.

About the Shop & Me


There are so many different piercings around and about, you don't have to go far to see someone with some sort of piercing, whether it's their ear, nose or lip.


Piercings are becoming more acceptable and more popular as time goes by.

Misfits Body Piercing has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years, from introducing new services to moving to join with a new studio.


Although the business has joined with another studio, Misfits is still independent - There's just even more on offer for those that like their body mods & art.


The Studio

Started in 2011, Misfits studio strives to maintain a high standard of service provided to all customers.

Misfits have recently changed location to allow clients ease of access and is situated in a more suitable location.



The studio is spacious enough to allow full movement around the piercing bed and there is also seating for friends or family that may be joining you.


The studio is kept as clean as possible at all times.


As required by health and safety laws, there is a sink with running hot water to allow the pierce artist to wash hands correctly prior to putting on gloves. Disposable paper towels are used to dry hands.


Other requirements by Health and Safety include, on site First Aid Kit and Accident Book and a clearly displayed, up to date Certificate of Registration from Oldham Council.



Tools and jewellery

All tools and jewellery are either individualy sterilized or fully disposable making your new piercing as hygienic and as safe as possible, all needles are SINGLE use and will not be re-used, even on the same client! they are then disposed of in a sharps bin.



About the pierce artist


Born Jan 1987


"I have been interested in body art since a young age and although i have taken on many different careers throughout my life, i could never find anything that i truly enjoyed.


After several years of researching and understanding studio hygiene, how a studio is run safely, safety with needles and understanding about the many different body piercings and positioning, ensuring client safety, i decided to venture in to the world of self employment.


I have many piercings, done by others and myself, so I understand how painful or painless a piercing can be. I know how daunting a first piercing can be, or even there after. I know what it feels like to be dizzy from having a piercing, so I can find it easier to talk to my clients if they are nervous or uneasy about a piercing.


I give my honest opinions about what i think and would never force someone in to getting a piercing, although it's not permanent, to some people it can be a big ordeal and a big step in their lives.

I treat all my clients as individuals to ensure they walk away happy and satisfied with their new piercing(s)."