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Clean, Safe,Sterile.

Above all, professional


If you have an idea for a piercing, why no come in to the studio and see if it's possible.

Please remember, not everyone is anatomically able to get some piercings.

Don't be afraid to come in and ask questions.

I'm more than happy to answer them if I can.


It's perfectly normal to be nervous and inquisitive.

Find Us


There are so many different piercings around and about, you don't have to go far to see someone with some sort of piercing, whether it's their ear, nose or lip.


Piercings are becoming more acceptable and more popular as time goes by.

Misfits Body Piercing has undergon a lot of changes in the past year, from introducing new services to moving to join with a new studio.


Although the business has joined with another studio, Misfits is still indipendent - There's just even more on offer for those that like their body mods & art.

Misfits Body Piercing and In The Skin Tattoo Studio are located Opposit the main Bus station and ICC NHS building in Oldham.