Offers still availble for multiple piercings.



Remember for all new piercings there are minimum time frames that they should be left in before changing, these differ from person to person and for the type of piercing done.




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Contact Tel: 0161 626 0171


Clean, Safe, Sterile.

Above all, professional


If you have an idea for a piercing, why no come in to the studio and see if it's possible.

Please remember, not everyone is anatomically able to get some piercings.

Don't be afraid to come in and ask questions.

I'm more than happy to answer them if I can.


It's perfectly normal to be nervous and inquisitive

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There are so many different piercings around and about, you don't have to go far to see someone with a piercing.


Piercings are becoming more acceptable and more popular as time goes by.


Body Piercing skills and techniques are constantly changing and the skills an artist needs are forever expanding.

Misfits has been taking on "freehanded" or "tool-less" piercings procedures for the majority or piercings - meaning no clamps.


This helps to reduce the trauma to the clients tissue and gives better results all round.

-This is not done for all piercings yet and will depend on how comfortable the client is feeling about getting their piercing(s) done - a jittery client isn't easy to work with.




Busy times in the studio


Enjoying the sun?

Time to show off your new piercings

- it is important to remember aftercare for your new piercing(s)




We've been having some fun in the studio lately:


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Thank you to all for being patient. It is difficult to always have time to get online to update, if you are on Facebook, why not check out the Misfitsbodypiercing page to stay in touch easier..


Misfits always aims for high standards and will ensure you leave the studio more than satisfied with the service you get.



Most of the website is now up and running. There are still some bits & bobs to put up and sort out, but you should be able to use the majority of the site.


You can still check out the Facebook page for Info & Updates, Competitions and Current Offers that may be available.