TheBeardedRapscallion -Lobe Balm Review

In the world of body modification, earlobe stretching of any size is becoming ever more popular and common among society and chances are, you've seen, know, or even are, someone who stretches their earlobes to cater for larger size jewellery.

For many people there's one goal: getting to a target size.. as quickly as possible.

They've seen large size jewellery in their friends’ ears, they like it, they want it!

- A quick internet search and you'll find a lot of answers from even more sources... but which do you follow? Which is right... which will give you the quickest results?


I am writing this as a mix from two perspectives, one from personal and one from a professional business side.

As the owner of an established body piercing business, I’ve seen and heard a lot of claims to what are right and what "will work". I've learnt to take on board valuable information and bin a lot of wrong info... how did i decide? well, trial and error, listening to different trusted sources giving me the same information and time in the industry - however i don't ever claim to know everything, i pass on what i know and have learnt and people are free to take onboard what they wish.


Before I started taking care of my own lobes or helping others on how to do the same, it hadn't occurred to me the potentially negative side of it all: wrinkly, smelly dry, crusty, bleeding, infectious areas... and lots more.

It's so easy to get wrong - yet even easier to keep it going right.


After a serious stretch (no pun intended) of an infection in both lobes i decided to give my ears the chance to heal by themselves, several months in fact - which meant my lobes shrank a little and would need stretching again to get back to the size i was at previous. In the meantime, i was gifted some Lobe Balm to try, from all places: a beard balm company... what are the odds.

But that's a story for another day.

The wonderful folks at thebeardedrapscallion (TBR) do indeed produce such a product.

I had a read through their website about the products and had a look around to see if anyone i knew had tried it - and it seemed to get positive vibes all round.

Their ingredient selections are 100% natural and have a wonderful natural scent to accompany the product.


I started using only a small amount of the balm each day, massaging it in and even within a few days i was not only noticing but feeling the difference in my lobes. The skin was getting softer and smoother; it was also helping to heal the problems i had.

I've never praised a lobe stretching product so highly before and finally I am nearly back at my original stretched sized, with all round, healthier lobes.

Even just a small amount each day lasts the duration and with the balms available in 15ml and 30ml jars - it lasts a while.


This is an effective and outstanding product that shows time and care was taken to produce with the help of friends of TBR in the piercing industry.

A product i will continue to use personally as well as openly recommend and promote through my own piercing business.


- Take care of your lobes; they’ll thank you for it


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