Lobe Stretching

To Stretch or not to Stretch...?

Doing it properly, is the only question

So where to begin? "Get your ear pierced and grab some kit off the internet to get going"? No.. woah, hold your horses there...

Stretching your lobes is more than just racing your way through each size and be 4 or 5 times larger in less than a week!

The process takes time and making sure you take care of your lobes - but everyone now-a-days are in a rush....

Before you even think about stretching your ear lobes, there are a few things you should know and consider.

There IS a limit on how large you can go before there's a “permanent" effect on your lobes;

There IS a limit on how large you can go before you get to the "point of no return" - this being before your lobes will have the ability to reduce in size to a "closed/normal" lobe;

- These are both different for everyone!


You CAN'T rush the process and still get healthy results;

You MUST take care of your lobes more than you think;

Using a LOBE BALM during the process is going to help you a long way.

Check out my review of a product i'd recommend

Once you've had a read of that, you can start to think of proceeding with stretching your ears.


- Firstly it's important to get your ear(s) pierced if you haven't already.

You can start with a regular piercing or start at a larger gauge here.

- Once FULLY healed you can commence stretching.

If you’re not going to let a pierce artist stretch your ears, you can do it yourself.


This part is all about budget… spend as much as you think is worth the input remember:

-Metal tapers are better than acrylic;

-Don’t skip sizes;


You can but a full 'Kit' or buy individual tapers and plugs or tunnels to match the size.

There's a lot of materials to choose from and again it's all about budget...

Natural products are better for your ears, so you could go for wood, stone, bone..

Some other products are glass, titanium, silicone and acrylic. Many feel acrylic is one to avoid - it's not very good for your ears and can increase the smell you experience.


For your smaller sizes you will need to use tapers - avoid weights as this creates an uneven stretch.

You have to take your time using each taper and a grab good lubricant. It doesn’t need to be a painful experience, but there will be some mild discomfort.


Now it’s the part where majority of newbies fail… waiting…..

You need to try and apply lobe balm each day, and clean your lobes regularly. Your lobes need a couple of months to heal and stretch naturally a little before you try the next size.

Each step should be taken in 2mm increments.

There are some 'ideal' times to try stretching......

- After a warm bath or shower, you'll find your lobes are softer and easier to work with.

You may notice after some time of wearing the same jewellery that it may keep falling out, or you can gently pull down on the jewellery and if you notice a "good size" gap, then chance are you can try the next size without using a taper - this has happened through natural process and the overall weight of the jewellery you have in.


If you are using tapers - Slowly work the taper through your lobe and stop moving when you notice a little burning sensation or discomfort... in a few minutes this should pass and allow you to continue moving the taper a little more..... continue this until your lobe can take the accommodating size jewellery – but before you insert the tunnel or plug apply some lobe balm.



If you need any help or have any questions speak to your local pierce artist or if you have any friends with stretched lobes